Japan400 press launch photos

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members of Japan400 press launch panel seated behind a table and in front of logo
launch panel
Sue Haydock speaks at the Japan400 press launch
Sue Haydock
Yuichiro Hanyu
Timon Screech

photo of guests in launch room
Japan400 gets underway
Andrew Gerstle
Andrew Gerstle
photo of Seijiro Takeshita talking next to Timon Screech on panel
Seijiro Takeshita
photo of Stephen Baxter speaking at the press launch
Stephen Boxer

photo from back of busy room with panel in distance
the press launch
photo of Nicolas Maclean behind panel desk
Nicolas Maclean
panoramic view of five panel members seated at table
press launch panel
photo of Timon Screech at lectern
Timon Screech

photo of David Warren behind panel table
Sir David Warren
photo of Yuichiro Hanyu talking about and holding up a document about William Adams
Yuichiro Hanyu
photo of Martin Barrow with microphone speaking in front of Japan400 banner
Martin Barrow
photo of Thelma Holt with microphone
Thelma Holt


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